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Our Marriages Are God-centered,Fun,Hardworking,Exciting,Teamwork, Authentic, Timeless, Cultivating !


It is our core belief that if you want to understand how something works; you have to consult the One who created it. Marriage is an institution created by God to soothe the aloneness of man. The purpose God intended for your marriage was so He could love you through someone else.

We want you to know that God is concerned about you and your happiness. We would like to help you to press in and get everything that you need to make your marriage a success.


(1) Marriage is fun

(2) Date as much as you can by yourselves and with other healthy couples

(3) Do it a lot (*wink)

(4) Keep God as your foundation!!!


To bring couples together for mutual support, encouragement, strenghtening, education, and inspiration


Marriage God’s Way is a gathering of individuals who are looking to have fun, laugh, be inspired and empowered to enhance their marriage. The interactive sessions are full of inspirational stories about the highlights and lowlights experienced the session leaders have encountered throughout their marriage journey.  The session leaders have a proven track record of what it takes to have a successful marriage. Some have overcame adultery, financial crisis and many other struggles on their marriage journey. The goal of Marriage God’s Way is to equip, empower, rejuvenate, and uplift marriages regardless of their current state. If you are newlyweds, single,  enduring a dark season in your relationship, or living in the golden years of wedded bliss, there is a place for you in our group. Join us as we help you continue to build and live Marriage God’s Way. #MarriageGodsWay

Marriage God's Way